How Thermal Imaging Saved Homebuyer His Money and Health

Thanks to thermal imaging devices, much of the uncertainty associated with home inspections can be a thing of the past.

Back when I purchased my first home, I hired a home inspector referred to me by my real estate agent. After doing a quick evaluation of my new home, he awarded it a passing grade. Initially ecstatic that nothing was wrong, I would soon realize that there’s a big difference between inspectors that wielded the tools of their trade and those that relied solely on their own eyes.

Within months of making the purchase, my worst fears had come to fruition. Mold was forming in the basement. My son was very young at the time, and the last thing I wanted to expose him to was potentially hazardous mold. My family and I were forced to stay in a hotel for the better part of two weeks while repairs were made. If I told you just how much it cost to fix my home, you’d be shocked.

Never would I make the same mistake again. A few years later, I was in the market for a new home. But this time I did my homework. I first heard about thermal imaging through a colleague of mine who purchased an older home. After researching the net, I learned that thermal devices allow inspectors to detect abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.

And sure enough, when I finally did hire a home inspector, a thermal scan revealed potentially harmful water damage. Thankfully, the seller fixed the problem before we moved in, and I could rest easy knowing my new home was safe and sound.

Randon – Lung Cancer and Respiratory Issues

Do you aware that uncertified Radon abatement system at your house could cause severe health damages? Not many people realize that the invisible radon gas has the potential to trigger cancer and even severe respiratory issues to the entire family. That is why, if you want to make sure that your whole family is protected from the danger of radon gas, you must check the mitigation system has to be approved by EPA and the whole installation should meet the EPA Guidelines. The radon gas can be very potentially dangerous for older people and children (babies and toddlers are included) as they are more susceptible to suffer respiratory illness.

For people who live in Indiana, the poor installation of radon systems that do not fulfilled the EPA Guidelines is usually done due to save cost. You might be proud of paying half of the normal price, but what you do not know is that you are exposing your family members to dangerous diseases such as lung cancer. You might think that when you buy the house, the realtor or the real estate agency is going to prepare everything for you, but it is almost impossible to provide radon mitigation system that follows the EPA Guidelines as it is definitely going to make the price of the property into expensive.

The best solution for you is to install the radon mitigation system by yourself because you can contact the installation service and you can also check whether their installation service is following the EPA Guidelines or even receives certification from EPA. The cost to install EPA-certified radon mitigation system is around $600 to $800 and it is recommended that to spend that amount of money rather than have to spend more than that to pay for hospital bills and cover the medical expenses for lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

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